The Tian Di Jing Hua or TDJH was established in the United Kingdom in 2014. The company has enriched the market through expansion in technological expertise via its forward vision in identifying and developing brilliant ideas. TDJH has successfully gathered intelligent and talented individuals from around the world who are meticulous in finding technological breakthroughs and scientific advancement in the areas of nutrition. By capitalising on these technologies, TDJH promotes healthy living and natural beauty through natural food consumption programmes, alongside a balanced diet and a suitable exercise regimen.

TDJH focuses primarily on health sustainability through healthy beverage options alongside a balanced diet and exercise. At TDJH, only the finest selections of natural and organic ingredients are used in all its teatox products. Here, only the highest quality organic ingredients and the latest advanced technologies are used, to promote healthy living by adopting only naturally organic products. Together with a balanced diet and exercises, TDJH strives for a modern and healthy lifestyle in that equates to an ideal living scenario. TDJH understand your needs by using the concept which consists of natural and organic properties. It promotes a unique culture and outstanding image within the industry.

Your journey to a healthy lifestyle begins with a bowl of the TDJH product, every morning and night. Explore the joy of being healthy and start feeling positive while living healthy just by consuming it. Its beauty can be discovered not only inside your body, based on the feelings that you get, the life that you live and the way you think. It is also a conduit to strive for a healthy and happy lifestyle. By joining the TDJH programme, everyone can now strive towards that aim. It makes being beautiful inside and outside a realistic process and allows you to own a perfectly healthy lifestyle.