The infamous Chinese language magazine, “Shanze” featured Dato’ Sri Nicky Liow as its profiled personality due to his rapid rise and success in his field. His ability to visualise and spot opportunities, also made him a “visionary” and future “global champion” in the field of business that his company operates in. His intense feel for the community that his company operates in, has earned him lots of admiration and commendation from entrepreneurs far older than him all over the world. His is a success story based on a humble beginning rising from a family with a father who was the sole breadwinner. He constantly reminded his employees the need to give back to society and especially the needy. He believes that as a socially responsible citizen, Winner Dynasty Group can be truly accountable to its community and its people. The magazine highlighted Dato’ Sri Nicky Liow as an amazing talent having achieved so much at a tender age of just 24 years old, when others were just starting on their working lives.