The Winner Dynasty Group (WDG) was founded in the United Kingdom with the vision to create cutting edge solutions to customers in various product and services sectors.  In 2016, that vision came to reality when WDG came into being. Today, WDG has presence in a variety of industries ranging from healthcare to the jewellery sector. It is a well-established player in travel and leisure, entertainment, e-commerce and disruptive technologies.

WDG also boasts an academy that specialises directly or indirectly, in public relations, organising corporate events, sport events, worldwide promotions, advertising agents, printers, publishers, designers, lithographers and engravers. The academy is designed to identify, assess and evaluate business opportunities from around the world that can be acquired, either in equity or through an acquisition. These include businesses such as events and marketing, skills development, professional training and travel and tours, amongst others.  

Prior to the setting up of Winner Dynasty Group (WDG), the Winner Dynasty Group Inc. (WDGI) was established in 1996 as an independent business entity to assist the Group in its business development initiatives.