Winner Dynasty Finest Jewellery (WDFJ) is active in the jewellery business. It is either directly or indirectly involved in the business as a goldsmith, silver smith, jewellery, gem and diamond merchant and of manufacturing and dealing in clocks, watches, jewellery and cutlery and their components and accessories. Additionally, it is also directly or indirectly involved in producing, acquiring and trading in metals, bullion, gold ornaments, silver utensils, diamond, precious stones, paintings, manuscripts, antiques and objects of art.

WDFJ also carries out either directly or indirectly, the trade and business of an enameller, jeweller, gem merchant, electroplater, importer and exporter of bullion and other refined and smelted metals. It is involved directly or indirectly in the business of buying, selling and dealing (wholesale and retail) in bullion precious stones, jewellery, gold or silver cups, shields, articles of virtue and objects of art as well as to manufacture and to establish factories for manufacturing goods for the above business.