Winner Dynasty Academy (WDA) has an academy tasked with conducting either directly or indirectly, the core business of public relations, organising corporate events, sport events worldwide promotions. It is also involved directly or indirectly, in advertising and agents, printers, publishers, designers, lithographers, engravers and to acquire and to undertake the whole or any part of the business or any other business which may be usefully carried on therewith; including business relating to the travel and tours promotions, skills development, marketing event and professional training to public.

WDA has also entered the business of furnishing amusement entities to the public, directly or indirectly; via the operations of amusement parks, theatres, and studios. It further acts to provide exhibitions and performances of all kinds and any or all of the business of commercial artists, advertising artists, photographers and designers and to conduct, carry on and maintain a general advertising business in all its branches. WDA also directly or indirectly undertakes to provide organisers, managers, promoters or agents for advertising theatres, travel, sport and entertainment of all kind.

WDA acts to trade or undertake directly or indirectly; as principals, agents’ sub-agents or consignee, and to deal on any form of produce, matter or things and any other business or businesses whatsoever and whosesoever which may, in the opinion of the company, be conveniently carried on in connection with any business including skill development marketing event and professional training to the public.