Winner Dynasty Travel & Leisure (WDTL) carries out either directly or indirectly, the business of a travel agent, tourist agent and contractor,  hotel apartment and lodging-house keepers, caterers and storekeepers and arranging and operating tours for tourists and travellers.

It acts either directly or indirectly, to carry on the business as travel agents and tour operators and the provisions of conveniences of all kinds in the way through tickets, e-tickets, circular tickets, sleeping cars or berths, reserved places, hotel and boarding, lodging accommodation and guides, enquiry bureau, libraries, resting rooms, baggage transport and otherwise and to charter ships and airplanes for fixed periods for voyages and flights

WDTL also acts to carry on the business of excursion. It directly or indirectly develops and organises local excursions including visits to rural villages, craft-makers, to heritage sites, and opportunities to enjoy local cuisine, dancing, or cultural events for all tourists and travellers and the provision of all other allied services in relation thereto.