Winner Dynasty Property & Development (WDPD) carries out the business of property development, investment and dealing. It does this either directly or indirectly, by the purchase, lease, exchange or other means of acquisition, solely or by joint venture with others. This involves land, estates, and buildings. This is undertaken directly or indirectly by preparing for building purposes which includes; demolishing, altering, constructing, building, estates, houses, flats and building of all kinds, landscaping and by advancing money to and entering contracts and arrangements with builders, property developers and others.

WDPD also undertakes, either directly or indirectly, business as a consultant, contractor, adviser, agent and broker. It acts directly or indirectly, to supply, perform, conduct hire, let/lease property and real estate and all other activities related to property and real estates and the provision of the relevant management, advisory and consultancy services and any other business which can be conveniently carried on in connection therewith.

It further carries on the business directly or indirectly, as a general trader, distributor, manufacturer, exporter, importer, retailer, wholesaler, agent and broker and to distribute, promote, market, supply, buy, sell, manufacture, repair, alter, let out of hire, import, export, provide all kinds of consumer foodstuff, household and industrial products, raw materials, manufacturing goods, relevant equipment, spare parts and accessories within or outside Malaysia, and all other businesses in connection therewith.