Winner Emperor Holdings (WEH) is the Investment arm that specialises in real estate and property, shares and other financial instruments. It is tasked directly or indirectly, to purchase, lease, hire, sell and rent any types of assets, property, land and building, rental as well as management of assets, land, property and building.

WEH also carries out its business directly or indirectly, as a general trader, distributor, manufacturer, exporter, importer, retailer, wholesaler, agent and broker and to distribute, promote, market, supply, buy, sell, manufacture, repair, alter, let out or hire, import, export, provide all kinds of consumer foodstuff, household and industrial products, raw materials, manufacturing goods, relevant equipment, spare parts and accessories within or outside Malaysia, and all other business in connection therewith.

It further acts directly or indirectly, to undertake the business of consultants in all fields, including the business of legal, industrial, business management, financial, cost accounting, recruitment personnel management, inventory control, import and export and other technical or non-technical consultants. It directly or indirectly prepares project reports for all types of industries to set up systems of casting or to give other consultants on cost accounting and to advise companies on the financial and operating systems.