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About Us

About Us

Welcoming talents building an everlasting empire

‘Dreamcloud’ (predecessor of WDG) was established in 2015, emphasizing on building material and intellectual civilization. The group also upholds its motto to provide Chinese all around the world a stable global business resource sharing, fair and transparent international development platform.

The initial concept of the group is to combine the internet with blockchain technology to create big data and build up a corporate platform that includes everything. The group is set to promote China’s spirit, accumulating the strength of our people, walking our ways and fulfilling China’s dream. Not only that, the group pushes the transform from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Made by China’. By doing so, the new era of China’s world class brand can only be started.
WDG aims to help its family to help fulfill their dreams using a rational, logical and legal approach because the dream of the people in totality is the dream of the country. When everyone’s dream is finally fulfilled, it will also mean the fulfillment of China’s dream of prosperity for our people.

WDG’s establishment is based on a few sets of core principles. Focus on people, Love as core, Selflessness, and giving back, becoming a true social enterprise. In order to help more people, the group has successfully created many unique projects that will not only benefit the people of China but also the world!

All the projects are pointed towards the whole new interactive integrated marketing model, blockchain technology, and big data to help build an e-commerce empire. The group is determined to build the world’s very first interactive integrated service platform.

Ever since the internet is an integral part of the future of humanity, the landscape for banking, transportation, medication, sales, payment, travel, and finance have seen a shift in business and production model to fulfill the needs of the people. ‘In the recent years, the collection and analysis of big data have become the trend of modern corporations. The platforms that manage the big data are becoming the international internet resource focal point.

Many big data corporations have started to promote collaborations with third parties to grow its own big data base. Analyzed by Dato’ Seri Liow.

WDG founder with its sharp business sense and foresight has identified the e commerce market to be a huge business opportunity. Combining the integrated and traditional marketing models, connecting the consumers and sellers, establishing an interactive platform linking consumers and sellers, being the first interactive integrated service platform in the world to cover the logistics, media, advertisement, sales, social responsibility and other aspects, as well as enthusiastically building an e commerce platform that combines every area of business and consumer spending, nurturing unlimited business potential.

WDG has been working towards being the world’s first ‘internet and spending financial institution’. The world’s first corporate to have a win-win business solution for both sellers and buyers, we use big data technology to provide a data-based solution, combining the internet, chain businesses, and users to create a people’s brand.

Combining Three Platforms to Create New Era of Big Data

WDG uses ways of block chain technology, e-businesses, the retail chain businesses as well as the union of merchants to form an ecosystem that supports one another. Currently other than YunBao internet Mall, the consumers can also download the YunBao app in their phones to do their online shipping. Not only that, YunBao also has its own mobile terminal so that consumers are able to do cashless transactions in certain areas/shops. The whole platform is based on an O2O concept, tackling two different markets. This business model can closely connect the business, merchants and the users whether online or offline, including total spending calculation, advertisement announcement system, promotions, vouchers and so on. The points accumulated by the consumers can also be locked in so that the retail and internet businesses are constantly connected.

Being in a business union affiliated to an e commerce platform, we have combined YunBao internet mall, YunBao app and its mobile terminal as one to support each other operations. In the future, we are set to bring all enterprises together, connecting the manufacturers and business union, so that each and every one of us is able to be our own bosses through the internet and sell our products worldwide.

The group sees that the world’s future and growth in the society will have close ties with the internet. The internet has brought the world closer; promoting places, connecting people and giving us the opportunity to fulfill our needs without having to step out our doorstep.

Enjoyment of Eating, Living, Travelling, Entertainment

Other than that, WDG’s Three-in-One model will also bring lots of benefit to its users. When a consumer becomes one of our users, they are entitled to consumption points which can be used for all of our services under WDG’s flagship. For example, Dream Tour travel consultation agency provides sea, land and air travel services to the users which include water activities and even the opportunity to fly with a private jet, experiencing the aerial view of Malaysia’s finest tourism spots.

In addition, the diverse connection of retail businesses has also connected businesses in every industry and geographical areas together. Other than expanding our Cuppatea franchise chain, the property segment has also enabled overseas users to be able to register themselves in the second home project with the local developers. On top of that, Dato Seri Liow is also leading the group to invest in areas such as tourism, real estate, jewelry, fashion, media, leisure and entertainment (Premium Club), our very own production of high end branded bags, YunBao 4G Lite smart phones, educational training, F&B franchises, online gaming, China-Malaysia one belt one road GLM brand awards and many other projects.

With the commencement of a series of projects, WDG is set to use this opportunity to expand the alliance between China and Malaysia, using WDG as a center piece to create a new era of China-Malaysia Silk Road!

Leading the Corporation to Advance Forward

Successful Business Model

WDG strives to build an internet virtual shopping empire, covering all the necessities of living, connecting the business, sellers, and users closely together. Removing the boundary between online and offline businesses, coupled with a complete and wholesome system operations, to ensure a value-added spending experience for the users and an easy and convenient business landscape for the owners.

Leading the Internet of Things (IoT) era

WDG’s employees, including Cuppatea franchise as well as physical projects total up to more than tens of thousands of people. The massive employment is prepared to provide big data technology a bigger upside growing opportunity.

Currently the group users have exceeded 8 million. This is the result the group has achieved in only a year. The potential amount of users is limitless. WDG will truly be at the forefront of the future — Internet of Things!

As for the future outlook of the group, Dato Seri Liow already has a clear blue print for us. The Internet of Things (IoT) , as its name states, is primarily the internet. This concept has been chased by many since it was first introduced. The analysts have also warned that the IoT era will bring massive changes to our lifestyle.

The Rising of Winner Dynasty Blockchain

Leading a breakthrough in block chain 3.0

When people’s attentions are on block chain, they will have unexpected gains. WDG takes advantage of this trend and seizes the opportunity to introduce its unique Winner Dynasty Chain, coupled with the characteristics of the block chain technology; the combination of the two will inevitably lead to incalculable strength. Internet of things and block chain join forces to move toward the Chain of things, creating a new corporate wave.

Block chain is fundamentally different from the Internet. Internet emphasizes users and closed loops, and the essence of block chain is a win-win situation.

Through block chain and verification, there will be a win-win mechanism that binds all employees, users, suppliers, and so on to the same motion, greatly stimulating enterprises, chains, foundations, and communities, which is a qualitative improvement compared to the traditional shareholding system.

A decentralized enterprise will not have the concept of shareholding in a traditional enterprise; without shareholding, there will certainly be no problem of risking capital investment. The block chain breaks the long-term business model of the discrepant Internet economy. Users pay for the resources they use, in a fair and just system. This will also bring great changes in many industries.

The invention and application of the block chain provides a new option to the world. People can actively control their own privacy. They can realize the supervision of their wealth through the smart contract, and at the same time get rid of the passive state of confirming their identity, no longer needing to prove ‘themselves for being themselves’.

Of course, the block chain is also brings positive impact for the government, corporate, and banks. For the government, they can use the block chain to establish new contractual relationships with the public. For corporate and financial institutions, it is possible to maintain a more stable relationship with users through block chain and overcome the various concerns of users in the past.

The Internet has created many miracles and wealth. Most internet trades require the use of qualified third-party credit agencies to handle payments. Such systems are still subject to a “credit-based model.” Digital assets derived from the block chain will subvert third-party credit agency, facilitate direct payments, without the need of third parties intervention.

The application of block chain is intended to construct a trusted distributed business ecosystem that can both self-circulate and expand outward, helping millions of retailers to access online and offline experiences, forming an innovative block chain business system that integrates the e-commerce, retail, payments, and media. The “Cuppatea” franchise chain under the WDG in its early days of establishment has begun to use block chain technology. The advanced POS system has also been installed in the physical stores. The current system of nearly 200 physical stores provides the fastest and accurate detailed data. Through the sharing of data, the management and operators can accelerate the judgment and decision-making towards the market. Physical stores are like the nodes of a block, providing the latest information of various markets at any time, and completing the circular development of the Winner Dynasty business alliance ecosystem.