Digital Technology



Nowadays, the Internet giants in China and the multi e-commerce platforms are mostly controlled by foreign capital.

The consequence of this phenomenon is that most of the profits earned will be taken away by the major foreign shareholders every year. In other words, the wealth created by the China citizens cannot benefits themselves; it accelerates the outflow, which will seriously affect the development of the social economy in the near future.

WDG is aware of the seriousness of this issue and looking forward to contribute to the economy development of its motherland. The establishment of have solved the above problems. Both have optimized ordering systems, adopting Internet of Things technology, avoiding the excessive inventory pressure on the merchants, good credit mechanism, and avoid the fake and substandard goods on consumers to the maximum degree.

The massive member volume is a strong ground of the profit margin for the registered merchants. The merchant alliance creates an ecosystem and equity crowd funding. WDG members are both consumers and shareholders. They make unremitting efforts for their own industry. I believe that every participant will be motivated, and the future of WDG Merchant Alliance will be limitless.