Travel & Leisure



The Dreamcloud was set up on July 7th 2015. WDG rode on the growing trend of tourism and travelling as an increasing appeal for people all around the world to spend their holidays by establishing an international travel platform. In China’s golden week, there will be almost 7 billion people travelling overseas and leaving their footprint all around the world. The presence of China’s travellers is welcomed in every country as it stimulates the country’s economy.

Tourism is an industry with a big potential and market which is likened by many. The official commencement of dream tour will bring great profits for the company and even better returns for WDG family at the same time. For example, when the corporate arranges the travel of one of our family members, he/she will not only enjoy great service but also a discounted price to travel around our great country. In addition to that, growing alongside with our corporate would mean that each and every one of us will have more and better job opportunities in the future.

A good corporate will aim to benefit the people by creating more job opportunities and choices for everyone. Many WDG family members are also the shareholders of dream tour. In other words, it would mean that the success of dream tour would also be the success of our WDG family members, truly becoming the owner of a business. Dream tour has already been widely promoted on Hong Kong’s international train. We believe that dream tour will be able to bring much returns and surprises for WDG family in the future.