Education & Training

Winner Dynasty Academy (WDA)


Winner Dynasty Group is a social corporate that treasures and nurtures talents. Hence, WDA under the flagship of WDG will organize training activities periodically. Some training activities include, cultural training, operation techniques, skill enhancement and many more. Talent coupled with continuous learning in every aspect can only fulfill one’s responsibility to serve for our WDG family. To outsiders, this is like a display window into our corporate. To us, this is where the elites in every department start.

Winner Dynasty Elite Speakers Team is enthusiastic, reliable and live up to the code to serve for all of WDG family in the market by providing the latest news and services. By doing so, WDG family will get to know the latest progress and developments of the corporate. The speakers will be there to promote the corporate’s culture and concept of unconditional love – full of love, live out love, spread love.