Corporate Social Responsibility



The Winner Dynasty Group (WDG) is actively involved is corporate social responsibility activities that benefit the community. The Group constantly pays visits to homes of the disabled and the underprivileged in Malaysia, China and all other countries that it operates in. The company’s “Ta Ai” or “Big Love” campaign is in line with its noble cause to give back to society, in cash or in kind.

Charity Donations

In order to build a society full of love, WDG since incorporation never stop contributing in the charitable events,

1. Sponsoring Darhan Muminggan United Banner, west-central Inner Mongolia, building ‘Hope Primary School’
2. Build ‘Hope Primary School’ at Shibaozhen
3. Donate RM250k to rebuild Pahang Raub Service Care Center
4. Donate RM20k to Cheras ‘Home For Special People’
5. Donate RM10k to Cheras ‘Yayasan Sunbeams Home’
6. Donate RM88,888 to Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina) Khay Hwa, Sungai Kerang, Perak
7. Donate RM190k to Pusat Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Bahagia, Melaka (RM10k every month)
8. Donate RM50k to Diamond Education Social Service Center (RM10k every month)
9. Donate 2 Ambulances to Persatuan Komuniti Rakan Cop Malaysia
10. Donate RM50k to Polis Diraja Malaysia
11. Donate RM30k to National Kidney Foundation Malaysia
12. Donate RM30k to IJN Foundation
13. Donate RM30k to Persatuan Parkinson Malaysia
14. Donate RM50k to World Entrepreneurs Foundation to help the poor students to learn English online and buy
learning materials for them.

Since its inception, Winner Dynasty Group (previously known as Dreamcloud), has always taken “love” as its front line; it has been the frontier of caring for society; it has raised awareness in spreading love. This is also the root of the WDG’s ability to grow stronger from the cracks.

Chairman Dato Seri Liow established the “Shun Xi Love Team” in 2015 to help the public in need, care for the livelihood of the disadvantaged, assist students in scholarships, and encourage professional research and development. The power from moving forward in life, the individual’s heart to give back, the endless love, and the roots of our common understanding, motivated the team to carry forward and grow, to build a peaceful society that helps the poor.

For Winner Dynasty Group and Chairman Dato Seri Liow, the word “charity” always comes first. It is also the biggest mission of the chairman upon establishing this business. When it comes to fulfilling this promise, the chairman is the most insistent on himself.

The corporate mission of Winner Dynasty Group is not only to help those in need and the disadvantaged, but also to lay the foundation for the development of education, so that more child can grow up happily in the Eden of knowledge and without having any worries.

The love education campaign initiated by the “Shun Xi Love Team” for the establishment of “Hope Primary School” is based on Dato Seri Liow’s efforts to contribute to the society, providing education to more children in a comfortable environment.

“Hope Primary School” is a charitable activity that Winner Dynasty Group Dreamcloud is dedicated to. The purpose is to help the construction of schools in backward areas in China through aid funds and materials. With the unprecedented success of the “Hope Primary School” program as expected, the “Shun Xi Love Team” has built six Hope Primary Schools in China.